Why invest in Nicaragua?

San Juan del Sur

Investing in Nicaragua Is Safe

Without question, and perhaps contrary to popular belief, Nicaragua is a stable, safe, and peaceful country for investment. There is no doubt that Nicaragua is a developing country, but that does not constitute it being unsafe. In fact, quite the opposite is true: Nicaragua is the safest country in all of Latin America, and Nicaragua has a lower reported crime rate than France, Germany, and the United States, according to a United Nations/Interpol study.

Run Your Tourist Business Tax Free for 10 Years

Nicaragua's Law 306 (enacted in September 1999) is the most attractive--and most aggressive--tourism-incentive law in Latin America. If you've ever thought about opening your own B&B, running a tour business, or having a little arts and crafts shop... Nicaragua is the place to do it.

This law is sweeping in scope and offers hard-to-beat benefits for investors who take advantage of the program. If your business qualifies, you pay no income or real estate taxes for 10 years, and bring in (or buy locally) all the supplies you need, from furniture and boats to linens and cash registers... tax free.

Not only that, but the application and approval process is straightforward and fast. INTUR, Nicaragua's institute of tourism, has done an outstanding job of cutting through the usual red tape and outlining very clearly what you need to do. In addition, the law allows the agency just 60 days to approve your application so you won't find yourself in limbo for months or even years on end. What's more, depending on the type of project, an investment of only $30,000 can qualify you for benefits.

In general, Law 306 offers investors the following benefits:

  • Pay no income taxes for 10 years
  • Pay no real estate taxes for 10 years
  • Import into the country all the supplies you need to facilitate your investment--TAX FREE.

A Straightforward Law Promoting Investment in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is slowly being discovered. And an improved tourism infrastructure can only speed the process. Law 306 is a well-crafted document that gives you an incentive--and makes it easy for you--to help jump-start the industry... and make a profit while you're at it.

Several "tourist activities" fall under the law's umbrella, and with an investment in any one of them, you benefit through tremendous tax savings. Investing in Nicaraguan Real Estate

Without question, Nicaragua has bounced back from its troubled and often misunderstood past and has transformed itself into one of the most sought-after property investment destinations in the world. Investing in Nicaragua affords investors an opportunity to participate in an early-in investment real estate market.

Ideally, you want to invest in any real estate market at the right time and in the right place. Critical to any successful investment is the idea that you must capture the opportunity before the rest of the world catches on. This accomplishment will provide you with the greatest opportunity to maximize your investment. Today, Nicaragua offers investors the optimal investment opportunity: low real estate prices and relatively few competing investors.

Emergence as Retiree Destination and Rise in Tourism

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine in its 2009 Retirement Guide listed Nicaragua in the top five locations for Americans to retire overseas. "With 450 miles of coastline, charming Spanish colonial towns, a cost of living up to 60% less than in the U.S. and a good reputation for safety, it's an exotic Florida on the cheap."

GQ Magazine

The March 2009 GQ called Nicaragua "The Up-and-Coming Travel Spot for Down-and-Out Times. Yes the financial forecast is grim, but that doesn't mean you have to deny yourself a sunny escape."

MSN Money

In 2007 an MSN Money article declared Nicaragua to be “the world’s best-kept retirement secret,” calling it an inexpensive paradise. “Nicaragua is a nation at peace. Its government is democratically elected, committed to a free-market economy and eager to attract foreign investors . A recent study by the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights and a survey of police forces in the Americas show that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and one of the safest countries in the world. Recent studies also point to Nicaragua's low reported crime rate -- lower than in Germany, France or the U.S..”

The Today Show

On November 29, 2005 The NBC Today Show sayed, “Nicaragua - From a political hotbed to a tourism hot spot – this Central American destination between Costa Rica and Honduras is one of the newest and safest, yes, safest spots on the map for travelers... Savvy travelers know that this is THE place for history, beaches and big, big bargains.”


On Aug 12, 2005 MSNBC announced that contrary to what you may think, Nicaragua “is on the brink of a 'tourist revolution'.... Visitor numbers has increased 170% since 1993, from 200,000 to 525,000 last year; tourism dollars increased some 400% in the same time frame, from $30 million to $150 million. And Michael thinks the tourism volcano is just beginning its tremblers.”

The New York Times

On June 5, 2005 The New York Times recommended Nicaragua for family travel: “Where else can your kids hike on an active volcano, kayak Lake Nicaragua, wander through a tropical cloud forest and slip on a harness to whiz on wires from platform to platform high in a treetop canopy, all for a bargain price?”

US News and World Report

In 1998 US News and World Report listed Nicaragua as one of the 10 best places for American’s to retire abroad in comfort and style.

With rave reviews from these and other trusted news sources it is easy to see Nicaragua as one of the best places in the world to vacation or retire. Invest in Seahorse Tropics Nicaragua real estate and experience the best mix of tropical paradise and Spanish Colonial architecture, in a charming beachside village setting.

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