Property Management

Home Interior

At Seahorse Tropics complete property management will be provided including up to date website information and up to the minute bookings online, so while you are away, you can black out dates for your next stay or observe when your home is being rented from anywhere in the world.

At Seahorse Tropics San Juan del Sur real estate, we realize that the cornerstone of making your real estate investment work for you is reliable, honest and professional property management. Seahorse Tropics understands this and has taken the measures to implement the most up to date software, programs and services available. Seahorse Tropics will provide you with a hands-on team of professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent service to both the Home Owner and the Rental Client. At Seahorse Tropics we take your investment seriously.

Management Services

  • 10 years tax free income through Law 306
  • Automatic deposit
  • Property inspections, and checklist
  • Supervision of all maintenance and repairs
  • Payment of utilities and services
  • Stocking of supplies
  • VISA/MASTERCARD accepted for easy payment
  • Tenent pre-qualification
  • Reservations and registration
  • Perform move-in/move-out property inspections
  • Collect deposits and rental payments
  • Provide advertising on the Internet, magazines and publications
  • Forward quarterly detailed statements
  • Leasing agent available 7 days per week
  • 24 hour emergency service